Tom Cloyd is a licensed mental health therapist specializing in treatment of trauma and PTSD. In addition to blogging at Mom Psych, he is also co-author of Trauma! A PTSD Blog at Healthy Place, and the Sleight of Mind blog – devoted to “the profession, politics, and practice of mental health”.

Committed to educating the public about the effects of trauma as well as helping those who suffer them, Cloyd founded the Trauma and Dissociation: Education and Advocacy community on Google+ as a tool for people who are passionate about advancing public awareness of psychological trauma and dissociation, and interested in discussing constructive ways of dealing with each.

His professional website contains a substantial body of his writings.

  1. Hello! I am thrilled to have found you via signing up for your Google+ group. I have (“complex”) PTSD, dissociative fugue, adhd, and Bipolar 2. My abuse started at the age of four. I’ve come a long way and I am healing through my writing (and therapy. and meds. all that jazz), I plan to continue college next fall, majoring in writing and minoring in psych. I am also currently beginning the training to become, as a I get better, a Peer Specialist. I want to combine my degree with art therapy/healing with writing your narrative. Any thoughts?
    My PTSD blog is
    Happy to meet you and see passion

    • Hi Amy! I know of you from Google Plus, of course. Sadly, I only just now saw this comment – almost two years after you made it. I’m so sorry. I should have been notified about it, but if I was I surely missed the notification.

      I’m not sure your question to me still has relevance, but in case it does, my principle thought is just that it would wise for you to seek out and work with an experienced therapist – one who knows how to work with trauma, and specifically with complex PTSD. My first guess is that that cluster of diagnoses you have are mostly secondary to your trauma experience, so that addressing that experience and quieting the associated memories will resolve a lot of your symptoms, if not indeed all. I surely would hope for that that.

      And now I’m going to look at your blog. I hope your college and writing training is working out well for you. I myself write a lot, and can’t imagine not doing so! Writing is just helpful – in so many ways.

    • That link to your blog seems not to work. Perhaps it’s discontinued? Or different?

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